Oct 222013

“Simple as that, have a good time,” uttered Hank III and that’s all it took, the show was on. The outlaw himself,  Hank III, would once again pack the Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon for another memorable night of boot-slamming fun. It was a Sunday night but nobody seemed to care because when Outlaws and Punks get together with Hank III in town every night is a party night. Fresh off his brand new Brothers of the 4×4 and A Fiendish Threat , both albums released October 1st through Hank3 records, made this a must see tour knowing Hank III and the Damn Band would bring it.

What we didn’t know was Hank III had a 4 hour set planned with everything from blazing outlaw sin to threatening punk rock fury with basically no breaks. Opening the night with classics like “Straight To Hell”, “Smoke and Wine” and “Crazed Country Rebel”, Portland’s Hellbillies and Hellbetties took on the night with triumph. If you’ve never been to a Hank III show and think you have seen or know it all, then you’ve studied the wrong teachers. At these shows along with your boots you also should pack your armour, because the heavier it gets and longer the show goes, the more alive Hank III becomes. He’s a treasure and a pioneer of this outlaw, country, and punk sound also know as (Honky Punk) and every one of these shows reflects that.

Busting through tracks like  “Long Hauls & Close Calls”, “Rebel Within”, “Guttertown”, “(P.F.F.) Punch, Fight, Fuck” and others, no safe space could be claimed within 420 feet of the stage, unless you were thrashing along with the music. If those tunes weren’t enough to get you high, the band continued to puff out favorites like  “Pills I took”, “Six Pack Of Beer, “Not Everybody Likes Us”, “Dick In Dixie”, and my sweet lil’ Clara’s favorite “D. Ray White” . Known as a multi-instrumentalist, one of the Highlights was getting to see III play the banjo for “Trooper’s Holler” and a few other great tunes. As Hank III announced the country part of the set over, the drummer and stand up bass remained to join III for a shortened showcase of the brand new second album A Fiendish Threat.

Obviously having music influenced with everything from Outlaw Country to Heavy Metal and Punk, this part of the set brings a little darker and aggressive tone to the show blasting “Can I Rip You”, “Face Down”, and  “A Fiendish Threat” and a few othersJust to add even more heaviness, the show consisted of a movie screen glowing with old 50’s war and earth destruction movies behind III‘s distorted attacking Stoner Rock! The band still slinging riffs and the moon full, I decided to call it a night and took it to the house for a little “Smoke and Wine” myself.

The Brothers of the 4×4 and A Fiendish Threat Tour runs through Halloween night stopping off in Nashville, Tennessee. So put your boots on, pack your armor and get out and support Hank III and ass-kickin live music.

Thanks for coming to Portland and see you next time.




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