Jun 032016
Tommy Victor of PRONG!

Tommy Victor of PRONG!

PRONG fans for dear life! Winding down a massive tour that started all the way back during the 4/20 Holiday week on 4/21 at the infamous Whiskey A-Go-Go in West Hollywood, Tommy Victor and PRONG hit Portland’s Hawthorne Theater on Friday night, May 27th! With a momentous past and approaching 30 years of diverse metallic music, Prong is still as balanced and relevant as ever, as shown with their February 5th release, “X-No Absolutes” (Steamhammer/SPV Records)! Joining lead man Tommy Victor and Prong for the album and colossal tour trek is bassist Jason Christopher, and our May 27th birthday drummer, Art Cruz! Support would come from metal acts “Within the Pyre,” “Rustmine,” “Damage Overdose,” and “30 Pound Test” who made the announcement their band would go on hiatus, leaving their opening set as their final show. For now. Catch 30 Pound Test news here!

Somewhat seeded in the underground, never garnishing their due commercial respect, except for possibly “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck” from 1994’s album “Cleansing,” Prong has always been one of the more energized live Metal bands! Never a band for needless shenanigans and posturing, Tommy Victor has managed to satisfy the thirst of hardcore fans with his timeless signature riffs and stellar songwriting! Opening the show with new heavy hitter “Ultimate Authority,” and classics “Unconditional,” “Lost and Found,” and “Beg To Differ,” the tone was set early on for what would be another brilliant night of “Eternal Heat!” Continuing the show with the title track “Rude Awakenings” from their past Industrial Metal stint, and new, heavy-hitting “No Absolute” tracks “Soul of Ease” and “Cut and Dry,” Prong fan clinched fists were high and dry! Always charismatic and full of life, Mr. Victor took a moment to point out drummer Art Cruz’s big day, saying, “We need to wish the best drummer to ever play in Prong, Art Cruz, a happy birthday!” with the elated crowd responding with an impromptu Happy Birthday chant! At another point bassist Jason Christopher ignited the crowd by calling us a bunch of Stoners! Can you believe that, Potland?


I honestly can’t see any signs of slowing down (or aging, as some call it) in Tommy Victor. With new band members that perfectly compliment the Prong brand, the wide open music world has seemingly given Tommy a bit of new life, and as a 20-plus year fan, I couldn’t be happier! Winding down with a heavy dose of the “Cleansing” album featuring “Broken Peace,” “Another Worldly Device,” “Who’s Fist,” and “Snap Your Fingers,” it felt like the alternative 90’s all over again, except Prong-heavier! With a Friday night crowd of 200, ranging from a 6 year old kid to grizzly bearded denim jacket dads now, Prong continues to appeal to the underground masses.  Finalizing the spectacle with the “Beg to Differ” classic “For Dear Life,” “Revenge Best Severed Cold” and “The Power of the Damager” made it another night to remember! Don’t forget to check out my phone interview with Tommy Victor about a hour before the show below. Right here is a Prong fan for dear life!

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Enjoy an amazing interview with Tommy Victor from 5-27 below!