Apr 172015
King Hitter "King Hitter" cover art!

King Hitter “King Hitter” cover art!

If you’re patched denim old-school, then you’ll know Corrosion of Conformity’s 1991 BLIND release is one of the most fan-revered COC and Heavy Metal albums of all-time! Standing in the Raleigh, North Carolina shadows, fronting successful Southern Rock outfit Leadfoot while watching former Corrosion of Conformity bandmates successfully grow the band in several Agell-less directions, I suspect lead vocalist Karl Agell always remained positive, knowing his time would come again because sometimes history repeats itself. Fortunately for us, that time is now, taking the form of King Hitter, a blazing, self-titled 5 tune EP released through Candlelight Records (listen to the album here!). Connecting with fellow musicians Scott Little (guitar- also Leadfoot), Mike Brown (guitar), Chuck Manning (bass), and John Chambliss (drums), Karl and the King Hitter specialists couldn’t have forged a better follow up to the legendary Blind release—finally! Or is this just the beginning?

King Hitter!

King Hitter!

The album is an absolute ripper. Blending the classic Corrosion of Conformity formula that Karl Agell helped cultivate, along with original Heavy Rock, Southern Rock, and Punk Rock fury, King Hitter has asserted themselves as a band to watch in 2015. The tunes, laden with melodic overtones, are scattered, smothered, and covered in Agell’s signature harmonic hooks and drenched in heavy riffs. The album opens with title-track “King Hitter,” a fist-pumping, high-energy Metal anthem packed with melodic heaviness. The dual guitar work of Little and Brown creates the balance and rhythms that help to define this new King Hitter sound. The riffs scald, the solos are large and the breakdowns in tracks 2 and 3 (“Drone” and “Feel No Pain“) are electric. Track 4 (“Suicide (Is The Retirement Plan”) is the slowdown of this album, with a southern rock-tinged, sludgy vibe encapsulating a deep, heavy groove. Closing with riff-heavy slammer “The End,” it’s clear that Karl and the King Hitter guys have a metallic chemistry with their sights set on world domination.

This is an amazing debut release that will pack every bong full! It’s exciting to have Karl Agell back behind a metallic microphone and I have no problem giving King Hitter a coveted 4.20 outta 5 for this effort! It’s a five-course meal of audible delicacies, and every moment, note and emotion served is meant to be savored. Articulate and tasteful! Heavy burning track 3 stands out as a highlight, and will be a strong contender for Rock pushers’ top 10 lists this year, including mine. Well done, dudes!! \m/ Listen to my interview with Karl Agell, Scott Little, and Mike Brown here where we discuss the King Hitter EP, the old days, project or band, world domination and more. King Hitter is currently on the road with Lody Kong, Death Angel, and Cavalera Conspiracy for the Pandemonium Tour, so be sure to catch King Hitter and Corrosion of Conformity BLIND throughout 2015!

Pandemonium Tour!

Pandemonium Tour!

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King Hitter
King Hitter
Restricted Release/Plastic Head Music
24 March 2015


King Hitter EP Track listing:

1. King Hitter

2. Drone

3. Feel No Pain

4. Suicide (Is the Retirement Plan)

5. The End


King Hitter

King Hitter “King Hitter” EP

Corrosion of Conformity BLIND

Corrosion of Conformity

Interview with King Hitter