Apr 152016

SLF022 - hi-res cover2

Sprouted from the underground of Philadelphia, Bardus‘ new sophomore release “Stella Porta” rises through the still-smoldering haze, ready to take listeners on a fresh journey of distorted psychedelic Stoner Rock! Bardus is one of those bands you can’t easily place into one bag of tricks—it takes many! Recently signed to Solar Flare Records, members Justin Tuck, Kyle Pierce and Ari Rosenberg have managed to integrate portions of Heavy Metal, Sludge, Grunge, and Punk genres, and combine them with plenty of psychedelic noise creating a fantastic follow up release from 2013’s, “Solus”. Scattered with heavy grunge-filled moments, “Stella Porta” features 7 tracks like “Smoke Bath,” “Monolith,” “Haze,” “Clandestine” and others that seem to prove Bardus is one of those fresh, new bands who are ready and willing to push the metallic barriers of underground musical consciousness!



Join us today as we re-celebrate the release of Bardus’ “Stella Porta!” We’ll be playing a different “Rocking Friday” choice cut at 20 minutes after the hour all day long on 420Radio.org! Join us every Friday for a new & exciting “Rocking Friday” artist!

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