Oct 212014

420RADIO News for 2014-10-21 (Tuesday)

The only televised debate for the measure to legalize marijuana in Oregon takes place tonight and will be streamed live starting at 6:30pm Pacific Time at oregonlive.com/marijuana.  Chief Petitioner Anthony Johnson will represent the Yes on 91 campaign and Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis will represent the No on 91 campaign.  The debate comes on the news that the campaign for Oregon’s marijuana legalization measure this weekend reported receiving another $800,000 from two out-of-state groups tied to wealthy donors. Drug Policy Action, which has received major funding from billionaire currency trader George Soros, contributed $500,000 to the Yes on 91 campaign. Separately, New Approach PAC, a Washington, D.C.-based political action committee tied to the family of the late billionaire Peter Lewis, gave $300,000 to the Measure 91 effort.  Both contributions were reported just before midnight Friday.

Colorado health officials on Monday backtracked on their call to ban almost all recreational marijuana edibles in the state, just hours after their recommendation for such a prohibition surfaced publicly.  The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment backed away from its recommendation for a ban after outraged marijuana industry representatives argued that state voters made all forms of marijuana legal in 2012. The Associated Press’s Kristen Wyatt reported that a Health Department official said a ban “was not our intent.”  Colorado state Rep. Jonathan Singer (D) told HuffPost Live on Tuesday that state health officials ultimately did the right thing by retreating from their initial call to ban almost all marijuana edible products because such a ban is “unconstitutional.”  “The state Department Of Public Health took it one step too far,” Singer said.

As weed has gotten more potent, scientists decided to investigate if secondhand smoke from strong strains of cannabis could lead to positive drug test results.  So researchers paired several regular pot smokers and nonsmokers and put them in a sealed compartment together for an hour, while one smoked a joint containing a relatively strong strain of marijuana. The results, published this month in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology, found urine levels of inactive metabolites surpassed typically detectable levels (50 nanogram per milliliter) in only one experiment participant, and this happened during a brief window four to six hours after exposure.  Using a more sensitive test, however, which is not usually employed in the workplace, scientists could detect blood THC levels above the 20 nanogram per milliliter in several participants in the hours after exposure. But these concentrations dipped below this threshold for all participants within 24 hours, according to the study, conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and elsewhere.

A Beaumont, Texas, woman claims she has been cast out of her church for her use of medicinal marijuana.  Faith Bodle said she uses cannabis extract, an oil derived from marijuana, to treat illnesses like degenerative spine disease, congestive heart failure and arthritis. Bodle said fellow church members at Beaumont Seventh Day Adventist Church grew concerned after seeing her support the use of marijuana on a report on Beaumont television station KBMT.  KBMT first spoke to Bodle at the arraignment of Jeremy Bourque, who is facing trial on marijuana charges. Bodle was there showing her support for the legalization and medicinal use of cannabis.  She said her pastor sent a letter calling on her to stop using and promoting marijuana, and six weeks later, the congregation decided to revoke her membership.  I guess their church doesn’t believe Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 29.

Police are investigating after several anti-pot legalization signs in South Portland, Maine, have been vandalized or stolen.  The signs, which read “SoPo says No to Pot,” only went up back on Thursday, according to pot opponents. Within minutes of being placed around South Portland, most of the signs had been stolen, they said. Volunteers replaced some of the stolen signs, which were then stolen a second time.  The group “Smart Approaches of Marijuana Maine” said none of the other elections signs in South Portland have been touched. hey claimed the signs opposing marijuana legalization are being specifically targeted.  The referendum question to legalize a small amount of pot is only on the ballot in South Portland and Lewiston.  A judge rejected a request by pro-marijuana activists that would have forced the town of York to put a legalization question on the November ballot.